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Banner Ads – Internet Advertising

Banner Ads Design:

* To create a good ad, you need to research similar sites, know your competitors. Find out what works, what does not.
* In writing your ad, keep it easy, clear and understandable and to the point and use appropriate key terms. Place the terms “click here”. Use large textual content. Use terms such as “free” and “sweepstakes” to entice the Online users
* Keep the quality low at 5000-5500 bytes for fast running. Avoid unwanted design or movement.. Immediate the guests immediately to a squeeze web page, and track your presses.
* Focus on the right viewers and choose the right position to show your ads. your banner is usually placed near the top of the website. A paid-for banner is usually the only ad found on the website.

Free Banner Ads:

If you want a easy no cost ad, you might want to try one of these six online tools: Immediate Banner Designer,, 123-Banner,, Animation Online. If you are still not sure how your ad should look like, Gavriel Shaw has the answer. He says that Motley Deceive operates the best banner ads he has seen.’They are easy, combination into the site, present beneficial, exciting and fascination building information. And they get the click.’

Google Banner Ads:

One of the best places to consider when showing your banner ads is Google’s search system and Search engines content system. It is practical to position them with Search engines since it rules 69% of the online promotion market, and is the innovator in online promotion. Further, Search engines claims 61% of Online customers will visit a website before buying.

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