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What to do to market your business online

The key to online marketing is social media and search engine optimization, or SEO. Aside from having the accounts to various social media outlets, it’s extremely important to spend a great amount of time keeping those accounts active with frequent updates. Equally important is mastering SEO and using that skill to your advantage to stay relevant in top search engines like Google and Bing, the following are tips from a Chicago SEO Company.

Simple updates to let consumers know you’re active and aware of the world work as well as extensive post, tweets and check-ins. Something as simple as asking consumers, or “friends”, about their day or what they most enjoy about a product you sell is great for online marketing. The key is to stay present and up to date with the online world, which by a great advantage is controlled (so to speak) through social media.

The great thing about online marketing is businesses get a true opinion from their faceless and sometimes nameless consumers on how well they’re doing.

For example, Samiisosah32 says: “Go Go Gadgets are awesome! I love the new gadget pen and use it during math class pretty often.” But CaryBradshw16 said: “My Go Go Gadget pen broke after one weeks use. I called to have it replaced and the customer service was horrible. After being on hold for 45 minutes, I was told that there was nothing they could do for me. Then they offered me the Go Go Watch for a 10 percent discount. Never again!”

Online marketing gives you different points of views. You need to be online because your consumers are online, mostly importantly because they’re talking about you online. Through online marketing, you not only put your brand on various sites but you all get to let where to improve, what to continue doing well and network with other businesses to bound ads off of one another’s websites.

In many cases, online marketing is much bigger than offline marketing. Consumers buy things because they want that thing to bring them more convenience. What’s more convenient than buying, rating and communicating online? The single click of a mouse can reach millions of people within seconds and the true key behind reaching those people is mastering SEO. SEO, again search engine optimization, is the ranking a website receives in the results of a search.

For a large part, SEO is about the reuse of keywords and keywords and did I mention keywords? Yes, they are that important. If someone searches gadgets and your site is on the 5612122 page of Google results, you my friends have not mastered SEO. Having certain keywords sprinkled thought out your website, which you will do as many times as possible without it being to obvious that you’re practicing SEO, brings recognition to the search engine that will most likely pick up the sites that either use the exact phrase or most used keyword.

This way when someone searches gadget, you’re on the front page, if not in the top ten of the results list. Pop quiz: Which keyword will Bing pick up for this post? A: SEO

By Iesha S. Pompey at One2One Digital

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