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Tips on SEO for small businesses

seo serviceWhether you are running a small or large business, you need to hire the seo service of a company to increase the number of visitors to your site and convert them to leads. A website can only help those business people to have more number of customers to buy the products and services of their business. People should take some time in hiring the search engine optimization or seo service of an internet marketing company. First tip is starting with the basics. This means creating a site that is functional along with clean and good code. First they have to make the site that looks attractive and featured with easy navigation. This will please the customers or internet users when they check out this site. They should think both the desktop and mobile users. The website should be responsive and fit all the screen sizes of the devices used by the customers.

Building the links is another tip for the business people to be done in the seo service. Business people should make sure getting as much number of links to their site as possible. They are also advised not to use the black hat techniques since these can be detected by the search engines such as Google and yahoo. So, they should build the links using the white hat techniques only. Third tip is checking the presence of keyword in the content of the site. Business people must ensure that the page of their site reflects the keyword. Using the sitemaps is another advice that is technical and long files helps in listing all the key pages of the site and tell the search engines about where to find the site. The best advice is business people can optimize their site by themselves using the video tutorials that are available online.

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