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Updated – Brand New SEO Rules You Need To Follow

seo2-820x450The SEO game is an ever-evolving business and always demand for innovations and changes. This was not unusual since from 2012, SEO is always changing, with Google controlling major updates to bring up new challenges repeatedly. However, on this quarter alone, SEO rules has changed drastically in accordance with Google’s development of search engine algorithms for the sake of readers’ interest. This notifications are no longer a strange thing if you’ve been into the game for a few years back on. These are some of the brand-new SEO rules that you MUST follow.

Mobile-Friendly Website
You may have to do some minor tweak on your site templates, or completely build a new one to make it mobile-friendly. This rule was made to suit the increasingly higher smartphone users that rely on their mobile devices to read anything on the internet on a daily basis. To see if your website has complied with mobile devices, check the webmaster tool service to measures how fit is your website when accessed using a mobile device.

Build your backlinks in balance
Link building is a traditionally the most popular way to increase the website authority and eventually result in better rankings on search result. If you were used to blast every link, forget those days. Today’s SEO practice requires balance in your backlinks. Always monitor your backlink numbers and check its quality. This is sometimes snap most of webmasters and bloggers since they don’t know how to measure whether a backlink is deemed high quality or not – by Google. Actually, there’s an easy platform to overlook your backlinks, by using SEO monitoring services, and look into your domain and page authority.

Quick Loading
This is the factor that has been emphasized throughout years – not only by SEO practitioners but overall webmasters alike. Loading speed counts as one of the most essential factor optimizing your website. And remember, this is not a trick, but a mere cardinal rule you must abide and put on highest priority list. Many websites are being punished by Google for being frequently down and you surely don’t want your sites to go into the same hole.

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